Novena Eng.

‘Mamma Rosa’
Mother and Franciscan Tertiary

I desire nothing else but the love of God, and to grow always in his love.  Nothing else matters.
We must be answerable to God, not to other people, in our actions and in our lives.  If we look to God, it does not matter what other people say.
When you pray, you must forget everything that is of this world!  You must speak to God and be mindful of what you say and of what He says to us.
When the Church speaks it is God who speaks and we must listen to Him.
The Pope is the Vicar of Christ, he is our Lord on earth and the father of our souls.  Whoever loves the Pope loves God, so we must love him, respect him, obey him and pray always for him.
The children the Lord sends us are a treasure.  We place all our trust in God who will make sure that we have all we need.
The children that the Lord has given us are first of all His children, not ours.  If He wants them for Himself, then we must be grateful, indeed happy, for in this He does us a great honour.
The Lord provides more, when we carry out acts of charity for love of Him.  When we give something to the poor, it is as though we have offered it to Jesus Himself.
It is better to be poor than rich!  Riches do not make the heart content; only doing the will of God does that.
May God’s will be done.  He loves us and will never abandon us.  We will rest in Paradise.
If during our lives we have always done our duty, then death itself has no fears for us.

Eurosia Fabris was born to a family of simple farm labourers in Quinto Vincentino on the 27th September 1866.
Aged four, she with her family to Marola.  She passed her entire life in a domestic setting and in the life of the parish.  From an early age she sought to understand the will of God in order to follow Him without hesitation.  Trusting to God, she sought his will through daily prayer in the home, in meekly listening to the word of God, in seeking to understand fully all the events of her life and in her willingness to help all who asked her for help.
Aged twenty, she married the widower Carlo Barban, who was already the father of two little girls.  With him she had nine children, to whose number in time were added three adopted children.  Their family life, with its trials and sacrifices, became for Eurosia a training ground for virtue and holiness.  Guided by the witness of their mother’s life, three of her nine children followed the Lord in priestly ministry, one of them as a Friar Minor.  Her last-born son died aged 14 whilst he was studying in the seminary.  One of her adopted children joined the order of Friars Minor and one of the two daughters of her husband entered the convent of the Sisters of Mercy.  Loved and revered by all who knew her for her simplicity, her frank and happy generosity and for the perfect charity that guided all her decisions in life, Eurosia went to meet Our Lord in glory on 8th January 1932.  Her venerated mortal remains now rest in the parish church at Marola, following her beatification in the cathedral in Vicenza on 6th November 2005.
The liturgical feast of the Blessed Mamma Rosa is celebrated on 9th January.

To obtain graces and for the glorification of the Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban

We thank You Holy Trinity for having enriched Your servant with so many gifts of grace, faith and charity, making of her a wonderful model of domestic virtue, especially for young people, for brides and for mothers of families.
You who have exalted the meek and modest of heart, we ask You to glorify, on earth as well as in heaven, for our example and comfort, the simple and humble ‘Mamma Rosa’, granting to her the grace we so fervently ask of You.
Through her intercession may You bless our family, so that it may become, as we have promised You, a gentle haven of virtue, love and peace.  Amen.
Three Glory Be to the Father, with this invocation: Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.

O Virgin most holy, the most tender of mothers, inspiration and guide of your daughter ‘Mamma Rosa’, we pray to you to grant the grace that we ask in recognition of her qualities and through her intercession:
We turn to you and beseech you, in the name of the devotion and the tenderest love she showed to you all her life.  Our prayer thus answered, may we sing with you the greatest of all His saints the Magnificat to the glory of God.  Amen.
Three Hail Marys, with the invocation Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us.

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